Τhis year all of the parties will be at Serafio City of Athens, a new innovative urban complex for athletic activities and cultural events in the heart of Athens. Get ready to dance on 600sq of wooden floor in a space with amazing vibes! Athens Rhythm Hop 2022 is going to be 4 spring nights full of fun, dancing and sharing ideas at the dance floor and also chilling at the beautiful yard of the venue.

The classes will also take places at:

Rhythm Hoppers Dance Studio, Evrimedontos 8str, Athens

Thodoris Panas Dance School, Marathonomachon 51 str, Athens

– Serafio, Echelidon & Piraeus 144 str, Athens

* Please note that the venue Gym is located in the Serafeio complex, but it’s a different venue from the one where we will have the parties.

Odos Kassandras, Kassandras 11 str,  Athens


Below You can find a map containing the venues and the distances between. You can also find an list of the venues in the link below:

Venues google map list