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ARH offers 4 different levels of Lindy Hop classes from Intermediate to Advanced +. Each level has 6 hours of Lindy Hop classes, plus theme classes & talks. Classes will take place from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. The schedule will be announced soon.



Please choose your level according to the description below. For all levels, except Intermediate, there will be an audition.


You have been dancing for at least 1 year and you regularly attend lessons and social dance. You feel confident with the main 6 and 8 count figures (Swing Out, Inside Turn / Outside Turn, Circle, Tuck Turn, Texas Tommy, Charleston basic, Tandem, Hand to Hand) which you know how to lead / follow.


Intermediate / Advanced

You have been dancing for at least 2 years and you regularly attend lessons and social dance. You know the basic figures of Lindy Hop and some variations. You are starting to improvise following the change of music and you can easily handle medium-fast tempo.



You have been dancing for more than 3 years and you regularly attend lessons, social dance and international workshops. You can handle any tempo (slow, fast and very fast). You improvise following the change of music. 



You have been dancing for at least 4 years and you regularly attend lessons, social dance and international workshops. You are comfortable with leading / following (even to very fast tempos) and you can effortlessly improvise rhythmically. 

*Teachers will assign you to this level after the audition. If you are interested in this level, you can sign up for “Lindy Hop Advanced” in the registration.




Authentic Jazz Intermediate 

You know the basic jazz steps, Shim Sham and maybe Tranky Doo and Big Apple. You can improvise to jazz music. 


Authentic Jazz Advanced

You know the basic jazz steps (and some variations) and the original routines (Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, Big Apple). You dance on a weekly basis and you can easily improvise to jazz music creating your own rhythms and variations. 



Full Pass and Themes & Parties Pass holders will have the opportunity to take a variety of theme classes including, african dances, swing music and different jazz eras, body percussion, tap dance, lindy hop origins, original steps, aerials, other dances of the african diaspora and musicality classes with our bands. You may find here a detailed description of our theme classes. 


“The Blues /Introduction to the blues” Alex & Ioanna

Τhis class we will introduce you to the basic ideas, rhythms, steps and moves of Blues dancing giving a starting point to anyone eager to discover the immense wealth of Blues dancing!


“Lindy Hop routine inspired by clip from 1939 movie Straight to Heaven” Victor & Isa

In this theme class we will dance a lindy hop routine inspired by Millie and Bubbles performance at the 1939 movie “Straight to heaven”.


“Let’s Big Apple in couple dancing!” Victor & Isa

In this class we will take some rhythms and steps from 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑩𝒊𝒈 𝑨𝒑𝒑𝒍𝒆 and mixed them with some lindy hop moves in partner dancing. For those who don’t know, 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑩𝒊𝒈 𝑨𝒑𝒑𝒍𝒆 is a routine that was choreographed by Frankie Manning in 1937. And performed by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers at the 1939 film “Keep Punching”.


“Rhythm & Blues” Rasmus & Mona

In this class you will get insight into the rhythm and blues sound and how to change and style up that Lindy look.


“Harvest moon ball” Rasmus & Mona

In this class we will take out our favorite moves from some of the great dancers at the Harvest moon ball competition, it’s gonna be an authentic and crazy experience.


“20’s Charleston” Alexey

Introduction to 20’s charleston / Learn more about the dance and practice fast dancing to 20’s music.


“Bepop” Erol

Why do we think bebop is nothing to dance to? Did people back in the day dance to it, or was there mostly “no dancing”? How was the style of dancing and who was dancing to it?


“Airsteps – The pancake”  Dom & Nora

Frankie Manning himself introduced the first Airstep in a Savoy Ballroom Saturday night competition. Aerials / Airsteps have always been one of the most exciting parts of Lindy Hop history and were a huge part of making our beloved dance so popular back in the days.
We are going to learn in a safe step-by-step approach, how to do the “handspring-flip” aka “the pancake”.
Partner required, no partner rotation.
(Basic fitness required !)


“AFROfitness with Bantu Dancers” Bantu Dancers

A class that combines traditional African dance moves of intensity and duration, with contemporary dance.


“African Voicing” Michael Afolayan

Introducing traditional African rhythms through the medium of polyphony / How the voice controls the body


“Rhythm Nature” Thanos Daskalopoulos

Rhythm is at the core of both dancers and musicians do. In this workshop we will explore a common way of understanding, practicing and expressing rhythm, which utilises its relational and relative nature. We will clap, snap, stomp, sing and dance in order to transform those rhythm concepts into an embodied experience that will enhance your musicality, improvisation and connection to the musicians.


“Percussive Ensembles” Sammy Gian Kigumba

With dazzling and diverse traditional dance ensembles, taking you on a journey that conveys the percussive Vigorous shaking of African rhythms.


“Ethinic Central” Sammy Gian Kigumba

Characterised from the percussive quick feet rhythms to a more waist concentration with the body and rhythm.


Dance Culture Discussion

There will be a Dance Culture Discussion on Sunday 8/5 at 21.30. Everybody is welcome to join!



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