Athens Rhythm Hop 2024 venue’s information are coming soon.

Τhis year parties from Friday To Sunday will be at Serafeio, a new innovative urban complex for athletic activities and cultural events in the heart of Athens. Get ready to dance on 600sq of wooden floor in a space with amazing vibes!

The Thursday Party will be held at Saroglio. It is an elegant and historic venue located in the heart of Athens. With its spacious ballroom and stunning decor, it provides the perfect setting for a memorable dance event.

Athens Rhythm Hop 2023 is going to be 4 spring nights full of fun, dancing and sharing ideas at the dance floor.

Rhythm Hoppers Dance Studio, Evrimedontos 8str, Athens

Thodoris Panas Dance School, Marathonomachon 51 str, Athens

– Serafio, Echelidon & Piraeus 144 str, Athens

– Saroglio-Athens Armed Forces Officers Club

* Please note that the venue Gym is located in the Serafeio complex, but it’s a different venue from the one where we will have the parties.

Below You can find a map containing the venues and the distances between. You can also find an list of the venues in the link below:

Venues google map list