About ARH festival

Athens Rhythm Hop is a festival that celebrates Jazz as an African American art form. The event offers Lindy Hop & Authentic Jazz Dance classes, as well as classes of other dances of the African American culture (body percussion, blues dancing, soft shoe tap dance, house dance) and African diaspora dances. 

The event aims to gather in Athens jazz dancers & musicians from all over the world, to interact, spend time together and exchange experiences while at the same time offering a safe space for discussions and sharing of thoughts. 

During the four-day event, we also aspire to provide to members of our community the opportunity to come together with members of other communities, (tap dance, african diaspora dances, musicians, blues etc.), in an effort to inspire exploration, promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and eventually deepen our understanding of the culture.

Athens Rhythm Hop is a space for people to meet, interact and learn together. Always with respect to the culture, the roots and the creators of the dance, we are committed to creating a platform where our community will grow supporting each other, making sure that also marginalized communities are represented. 

The event takes place in Athens, a city very famous for its cultural heritage, monuments and food. We welcome all international participants on Thursday afternoon offering a tour of our city and many tips on how to gο around Athens and experience the city at its best. 

With a lot of space for improvement, many good intentions and love for the jazz culture and our community, our team is committed to do better every year.

*Marginalized populations are groups and communities that experience discrimination and exclusion (social, political and economic) because of unequal power relationships across economic, political, social and cultural dimensions.