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– House: Sold out
– Solo Blues: Sold out

Frida is one of the more active swing DJ’s in Stockholm and a popular house DJ at their renowned Chicago Swing Dance Studio, where she’s involved in many ways; as a teacher, club organizer and member of the Harlem Hot Shots. She began DJ:ing in 2010 and besides keeping her hometown swinging, she’s been playing regularly at Herräng Dance Camp, as well as various swing festivals around Europe. Frida discovered jazz in her early teens and it was the music that brought her into swing dancing—a passion that definitely has given color and range to her library and choice of tunes. Most of all she loves a good solid swing, but she’s not afraid to step out of the box when the mood is right; big-headed Bebop, hot tempered Rhythm ’n’ Blues, Cuban Mambo and low down dirty Blues are all genres close to her heart.

Elin fully embraced a dancing lifestyle when she came to Herräng the first time in 2010. Since then she has spent aaaall her summers in Herräng – living life, performing as a part of the HDC Chorus Line for the last 7 or 8 years (she lost count long ago!) and working in the legendary Midnight Ramble. The lively jazz scene of Stockholm taught her well, and nowadays Elin works with dancing in many different ways. Her expertise ranges from solo to lindy, coaching show groups and kids, performing everything from numbers to full length shows for young and old audiences, and occasionally competing around the globe. She teaches regularly both at Chicago Swing Dance Studio and internationally. She is looking forward to finally be back in the Athenian sun!

As an MC or DJ, Meghan works to make sure both the music that makes us swing and the people in the room have all the respect they deserve. Meghan is a Canadian lindy hopper who has been part of the global swing scene for fifteen years. You may have met her near a microphone or DJ booth at such places as Herrang Dance Camp, the International Lindy Hop Championships, Lindy Focus, Lindy Shock or Lindy Bout. If you haven’t met her yet, come say hello and strike up a conversation about Count Basie or the future of swing dance.

Rikard Ekstrand was first inspired to start dancing in the early age of seven. Today it’s his life and his way of living. Best chance to see this dancing creature is to visit Stockholm, Sweden, were he’s most often found. His focus in swing dancing and teaching lies in the art of rhythm, music and partnering. Except from swing dancing, Rikard is a quite well known street dancer in Sweden. He sees swing dancing as an artform and a culture legacy. Recreation of old techniques and styles is what makes Rikard go wild. He calls himself a student more than a dancer. “In the school of dance and rhythm you will never be fully skilled”. In 2006 Rikard started his cooperation with the Harlem Hot Shots and in 2008 he became a member.
Rikard also have a passion for competition, in which he has a long list of titles in both Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie.

Mikaela was born in Stockholm, Sweden and grew up with a love for music and dancing. She first got in contact with Lindy Hop in the late ninetees and already then she felt extremely at home with the dance. Throughout the years Lindy Hop and other related dance forms have kept on growing on her and she finds it to be an endless source of inspiration. The more she learns about the music and its history, the more she enjoys it and the more she wants to learn.

Mikaela has been performing in different settings since around 2005 and especially enjoys the theatrical aspects of dancing. She finds the richness of jazz dancing a great form of expression, on and off stage.

Mikaela is happy to share anything she can about the dance, in and outside the classroom.

Pamela has been dancing since she was 5 years old. She did traditional Lithuanian folk dancing for years, until she found her passion in lindy hop at the age of sixteen.

In 2009, she began working at Hoppers’ Dance Studio in her hometown of Vilnius, Lithuania, where she surrounds herself with rhythm on a daily basis as she practices, performs, and teaches lindy hop and vernacular jazz. Pamela Gaizutyte is one of the most exciting followers to burst onto the international swing scene in recent years. Her creativity, personal style and sense of musicality are an inspiration. . Pamela enjoys spreading the joy of dance and sharing her knowledge, and is excited to travel to new and faraway places to do so.

ΑRH offers 2 levels of Authentic Jazz Dance, Open level & Experienced.

For each level, you will have 6 hours of Authentic Jazz Dance classes, plus theme classes, cultural talk & outdoor activities.  The classes will take place from Friday noon to Sunday afternoon. The schedule will be announced soon.

Please choose your level according to the description below.

Authentic Jazz Open Level

You know the basic jazz steps, Shim Sham and maybe Tranky Doo and Big Apple. You can improvise to jazz music.

Authentic Jazz Experienced Level

You know the basic jazz steps (and some variations) and the original routines (Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, Big Apple). You dance on a weekly basis and you can easily improvise to jazz music creating your own rhythms and variations.

Felix Berghäll is a choreographer, performer and educator as well as a music researcher and DJ in Lindy Hop and African American Vernacular Jazz. He has studied Sport Coaching and Sport Science at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Science in Stockholm. He has been part of the national team as an athlete in Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop and is now Co-Head Coach with his partner Mikaela Hellsten for the national team of Lindy Hop in Sweden.

He has also been working the last 5 years co-organising one of the biggest events in the world with focus on Lindy Hop and African American Vernacular Jazz, Herräng Dance Camp. He just resigned from his position at Herräng Dance Camp in November 2021.

Felix has been dancing since he was 8 years old, starting with training and competing in the Swedish dance style Bugg as well as Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie and Double Bugg. All dances derived from Lindy Hop and African American Vernacular Jazz. He was in love from the beginning and was really, and still is taken by the music.

Currently, he is also part of leading a new NGO as board member and treasurer, Collective Voices for Change, along with other dancers and scholars in order to create a platform to address social issues in the Jazz dance community. The current focus of the initiative is to discuss the issues of cultural appropriation and racial injustice.

Lindy Hop Full Pass
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Authentic Jazz Full Pass
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Party Pass and Theme Classes
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Party Pass
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The first signs of spring in Athens begin to appear in March. The average temperature is usually around 16°C or a bit higher. But, in a city that’s sunny almost 300 days per year, you have good chances that you will enjoy a lot of sunshine.

Just to be on the safe side, check the weather forecasts before you pack your suitcase.

Transportation from/to the airport

You can take the blue metro line, the suburban railway, the bus or hire a taxi.

  • METRO Ticket to or from Airport (Regular) – 10,00€
  • BUS Ticket to or from Airport(Regular) – 6,00€
  • Taxi Fare ~ 40,00€

Transportation in the city of Athens

The center of Athens is quite small and you can easily walk some distances. Otherwise, metro is probably the most convenient way to move around.

  • Regular Ticket for all modes of 90 minutes (invalid to the Airport lines) – 1,40€
  • 5-days Ticket for all modes (invalid to the Airport lines) 9,00€

Find detailed table with ticket prices here.

Our venues are near the area of Blue Line – Kerameikos Metro Station.

Transportation with a taxi

It is really easy finding a taxi in Athens and the fares are fairly cheap. Beware, there is additional charge for 12a.m.- 5a.m. fares.

There is a really handy mobile app the TaxiBeat.

Transportation with a car

Unless you are from south Italy or from Turkey, good luck!

If you are looking for budget options for accommodation, here are our recommendations:

  • Find a local host. Please say that you are interested in being hosted at your registration.
  • Book an Airbnb apartment. This is a very affordable option, especially if you share with a few people.

Athens is the centre of ancient Greece, the city of the Parthenon temple and a vibrant metropolis that never sleeps.

Make sure you arrive/leave a few days earlier/later so that you will have the chance to enjoy the city. Here are the Top 10 things that you can do in Athens (brought to you by our local community):

  1. Join our Thursday “Tour of Athens” *
  2. Visit the Parthenon temple and the Αcropolis Μuseum
  3. Walk around the Acropolis hill
  4. Discover the old city (Plaka, Anafiotika)
  5. Go to Monastiraki for shopping
  6. Visit Lycabettus hill and Exarchia
  7. Buy original Greek products (olive oil, olives, herbs) / Check out these stores -> Ergon Yolenis
  8. Taste the famous Greek cuisine / Favourite places for food -> Bahanezos ΑΣΤΕΡ Atlantikos Elvis Klimataria Karamanlidika Laini / Favourite vegan & vegetarian places -> mama tierra Veganaki Cookoomela Grill Vegan Nation Lime bistro Healthy Bites Favourite places for snack -> Marika Tarts Up/ Favourite places for dessert -> Serbetia Little Kook I Cake you
  9. In a city that never sleeps you have to go for drinks -> Galaxy Bar @Hilton Six Dogs Taf Hotel Chelsea Alexandrino Barrett Praxitelous Bar Ble Papagalos Kokkinos Lotos Upupa Epops
  10. Visit Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

*On Thursday afternoon, we are organising a tour of Athens, make sure you will let us know that you are interested when you register for the event.

Need more info about Athens? Visit this site ->

Tour of Athens

The tour will happen on Thursday afternoon. Please sign up for the tour, when you register for the event. In case we don’t have enough participants, we might need to cancel. But we don’t want to, so please sign up!

More info coming soon.

The Shirt Tail Stompers have quickly been recognized as one of Europe’s best social dance bands. Formed in 2010 for the London Lindy Exchange and led by Trumpeter Steve Coombe, they have played numerous dance camps and shows throughout Europe. They have a passion for swing music and movement, with their extensive knowledge and experience of social dancing, they are definitely the band to dance to in 2024.

Truly appreciating the art of swing and knowing it’s place in history, they are heavily influenced by Fats Waller, Fletcher Henderson, Wingy Manone and many other greats from the swing and trad jazz era of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. They are also influenced by the likes of the early Duke Ellington, Sidney Bechet and the old musical roots of New Orleans.

Last year alone saw them playing for dancers in Sweden, France, Hungary, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Italy and throughout the UK to rave reviews.

Frida has been dancing since her early childhood. Her very first dance interest was Swedish folk dances and Swedish Bugg and later moved on to Boogie Woogie. She also attended a three year dance dance high school focusing on modern and contemporary jazz dance and ballet. Training and competing brought her to Herräng Dance Camp where she was exposed to Lindy hop on the social dance floor for the first time and she fell head over heels in love with the music and the dance, finding a freedom of expression she had never felt before. From that point she was hooked and has never looked back. She joined the performance group The Rhythm Hot Shots, now known as The Hot Shots, a celebration of Harlem rhythms, for 15 years.
There she got the possibility to work hard, learning and performing a broad spectrum of the African American dances she loves such as Lindy Hop, solo  jazz, charleston and tap. She feels incredibly happy and humble that she has had the opportunity to travel the world performing, teaching, competing and sharing her passion for this artform for the last 20 years.


Skye Humphries was first persuaded to dance Lindy Hop by his mother in 1996, but quickly discovered his own love of social dancing, swing music and the Lindy Hop community. This led him to a wider interest in dance and he took classes in ballet, modern, and Jazz. Since 1999 he has taught wherever Lindy Hop is done – from national weekends to international dance camps. He is a founding member of some the most influential modern Lindy Hop troupes- including Minnie’s Moochers, Mad Dog, and the Silver Shadows.

Skye has also won titles at all of the major Lindy Hop competitions – including ULHS, ILHC, ALHC and the World Lindy Hop Championships. This involvement with Lindy Hop sparked his wider interest in America’s history and cultural heritage- leading him to pursue American Studies at The George Washington University where he received his master’s degree in 2007. He currently resides in New York City.