Transportation from/to the airport

You can take the blue metro line, the suburban railway, the bus or hire a taxi.

  • METRO Ticket to or from Airport (Regular) – 10,00€
  • BUS Ticket to or from Airport(Regular) – 6,00€
  • Taxi Fare ~ 40,00€

Transportation in the city of Athens

The center of Athens is quite small and you can easily walk some distances. Otherwise, metro is probably the most convenient way to move around.

  • Regular Ticket for all modes of 90 minutes (invalid to the Airport lines) – 1,40€
  • 5-days Ticket for all modes (invalid to the Airport lines) 9,00€

Find detailed table with ticket prices here.

Our venues are near the area of Blue Line – Kerameikos Metro Station.

Transportation with a taxi

It is really easy finding a taxi in Athens and the fares are fairly cheap. Beware, there is additional charge for 12a.m.- 5a.m. fares.

There is a really handy mobile app the TaxiBeat.

Transportation with a car

Unless you are from south Italy or from Turkey, good luck!